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Start Living Consciously!

Andreia’s Living Consciously course take you on a journey through your mind, enlightening you on what you can do to control your world by controlling the world within.  How through learning to control your mind you can create the destiny you choose instead of living by default and letting fate deal with you as it wishes. Andreia will give you a set of tools that will uncover what really gets in your way? Tools won’t do the work for you, mind you and they do make the process easier.  The Living Consciously course is jam packed with such tools.

You can determine your outcomes. You can create a world where you are simultaneously happy and fulfilled.

Knowledge needs a purpose so before you begin this course consider the following questions:
  • What might you use this course for?
  • What areas are you seeking change and growth in?
  • What have you given up on outwardly, but secretly still hold out for?

Bring those areas to your experience of Living Consciously otherwise it runs the risk of being more knowledge taking up space in an already crowded world…

It is a fundamental truth that everything you have ever learned, you learned through repetition. You learned to write, to drive, and even to walk, by repetition.  You are a master of speaking your language because you practiced. Action is what makes the difference.

Andreia’s Living Consciously course is not a course you do once, tick the box and forget.  It is away of living, and once you have completed the course, we recommend doing what we do…start again and do it again…and again until Living Consciously becomes your default way of living.

Course contents

Module One – Discovering your default position.

  1.   The Lost Art Of Listening – Learning to live consciously.
  2.   Internal Chatter – What really gets in your way and how to move beyond it.
  3.   What’s Really Bugging You – The anatomy of an upset.
  4.   Fear – Believing your own voodoo.
Module Two – Creating the new you.
  5.   Speak Your truth – Live your truth.
  6.   Purpose – Why it matters.
  7.   The Power Of Your Words – Alter your language and chaneg your life.
  8.   Responsibility – It’s an inside job.

Module Three – Getting muscle around the new you.

  9.   Be Do Have – How life really works.
10.   Taking Action – Accountability, who are you going to tell.
11.   Focus – Using your Reticular Activating System.
12.   Gratitude – The key to it all.

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Great businesses are separated from good businesses by millimeter not metres. 
It is widely accepted high quality teamwork trumps excellence in individualism every time; the operative words being High Quality and Teamwork. There is a direct correlation between relationship and outcomes (results)However, to achieve the pinnacle in teamwork self-motivation is key and not just any self-motivation. What if your team came to work self-motivated and independently accountable to achieve your businesses objectives.Sounds like a big ask?That’s where Andreia’s Living Consciously course comes in. Utilising a three step process designed to set your employees on fire.It IS possible to have employees who will come to work ready to achieve the company’s Goals because it is key to them achieving their own personal Goals.
This is the power of Alignment and it is not for the feint hearted! The obvious question is how?Lead from the frontFirstly, decide you are willing to change and undertake Andreia’s Living Consciously course. This is the program we will use to help you and later your employees become aware of your power to change your future. If you do not experience a significant shift we go no further.If however, it strikes a chord, prepare for the second phase by being very clear on what your personal objectives are. What do you want from your team? What you are prepared to give them? This last item must however remain an open question because we don’t yet know what they may want. Think more from what you are willing to commit to…Make sure the troops are readyWe deliver each employee the Living Consciously Course as a way of helping them create a future they want. The objective is to ensure each individual becomes clear their future is in their hands and only they have the power to create their future. This results in highly motivated people who are independently accountable and looking to find away to their own future and that is your opportunity.Make sure the troops are following.This is the vital step where we create alignment. Facilitated discussions are held with our facilitators guiding the discussion through a process of open communication. Where you as the employer are able to make clear your needs and your employee is able, with equal clarity, to put forward what they need from you to help them Be who they want to Be. This process may take several hours or it could take minutes AND as stated above this is not for the feint hearted,It may be alignment is not possible within your business so the best you can do is work with the employee to help them move where they can Be who they want to Be and replace them with someone who can be aligned with your business and Be themselves. This is still a successful outcome as you have identified and removed an employee who is either already or who’ll definitely become disengaged because their heart lies elsewhere…let them go with your blessing.

By taking the time to create the alignment of goals between your business and your employees personal desires you turbo charge your business. Self-motivation is present and rewarded by the achievement of Company goals leading to the attainment of the individual’s goals. You will notice a culture of self-discipline taking root or taking hold where employee A’s personal outcomes are put at risk by Employee B not pulling their weight, they will let it be known.

Living Consciously is not the complete answer and we have many other tools we can provide you with to help in other area’s such as internal communication etc.
What Living Consciously will do is empower and motivate you and your team to new levels of cooperation as you come together utilising each others strengths to become who each of you want to be.

How does one Live Consciously?

The Chinese Philosopher Lao Tzu is credited with having said

“Watch you thoughts; they become your words. Watch your words; they become your actions. Watch you actions; they become habits. Watch your habits; they become your character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny

Lao Tzu’s caution makes clear how we ought to manage our thoughts, words, actions, habits and character, as they will determine our destiny. Andreia’s Living Consciously course reveals the secret of how to live this way. How to Live Consciously and take command of your destiny putting you in the driver’s seat of your life.

What IF All things were possible?
What IF YOUR decisions are controlling everything?
What IF The Universe is responding to you?

Would that shed some light on your current outcomes? Would it shift your current trajectory just enough to enable you to achieve your dreams?

Andreia’s Living Consciously course takes you on a journey through your mind enlightening you on what you can do to control your world by controlling the world within. How through learning to control yourself you can create the destiny you choose instead of living by default and letting fate deal with you as it wishes.

You can determine your outcomes. You can create a world where you are simultaneously happy and fulfilled. What it takes is knowing how and a willingness to take ACTION. All it takes to begin the journey is for you to click on the link below.

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